Let’s see how you can manage goals and keep progressing by achieving them one by one. 

You can add up to 43 goals to your list. As soon as you add a goal it will appear on your profile under the “I’m doing” tab.

Now you can add entries and photos to your goal and start tracking your progress. Any entries you add to your goals will be seen on your profile page as well as your goals page.

on your profile  on your profile
on goal's page on goal's page

When you are done with your goal hit the “I’ve done this” button, found on the bottom right corner of the goal.

A pop up window will open. Here you can share your thoughts and feeling about completing the goal. How did it make you feel? Was it worth the effort? 

Next, you can say anything you want about the goal and give some tips to future goalers.

Completed goals will appear on your profile under the “I’ve done this” tab.

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