Adding your first goal

Create a new goal by clicking on a “New Goal!” button on the header.

 New pop up window will open.

save image

Give your goal a title and set a duration. Duration is a free text you can choose any duration you want for your goal, here are some examples: 
I want to do it : in 3 weeks 
I want to do it: every day
I want to do it: every week 
I want to do it: next Monday

It is time now to set a reminder. Reminder is a free text as well, you can put day of the week or any specific date to be reminded on, here are some examples: 
Send me a reminder: next Monday 
Send me a reminder: in 2 weeks 
Send me a reminder: 05/12/2017
Send me a reminder: every Tuesday

Choose priority. The flag icons will indicate your goal's priority:

White flag - "no priority"
Yellow flag - "low priority"
Pink flag - "medium priority"
Red flag - "high priority" 

If you choose any of these flags, it will appear on your goal on your profile page. 
*If the goal is really important to you, or you want to accomplish it as soon as possible, you can set this goal “in focus”. It will then appear in the first place at the top of your goals list. 

None of these steps is mandatory. You can just give your goal a title and hit "add goal!" 

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