Questions are available to all users. 

Asking and Answering questions about the things we do or have done can help us to know each other better without compromising the site's level of anonymity and create an even more supportive and powerful community.

  • Everyone can upload their own questions

  • You can post a link to a question inside a goal as an entry or a reply to start a conversation

  • We selected and uploaded couple of questions to start with

  • Answers are natively supported in the feed and notifications

How to:

   1. After you answer your first question, which will appear on your profile box below your Following/Followers:

save image

2. You will see "See all questions" link to the Questions page:

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3. On Questions page you will get a random question to answer. Answer it if you like it or skip it if you don't:

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4. You can see other people answers by clicking on Question title and going to This question page:

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5. Some of your answers will appear on your profile box, you get to choose which. To do that click on "More Options" menu on the upper right corner of the question, choose "Show on my profile box":

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Among other options on "More Options" menu:

  • Answer privately - no one will see your answer but you
  • Re-answer - you can change your answer anytime 
  • Clear answer - it is pretty clear what it does
  • Share answer - share your answer with whoever you want

6. You can suggest your own question. There are only 2 rules to do that: 

1. Your question should be new, so make sure no one has asked it before

2. Your question should be respectful - not racial, offensive or abusive in any way. Question that does not follow these rules will be removed.