Due dates and reminders

43Things supports a number of date and time formats to make it easy to specify due dates of your goals. If you type in something like [ In 3 months from now ], the intelligent input will convert it to the actual date of 3 months from today's date. Following are examples of the ways that you can enter due dates and reminders. Many other formats work too, so if you're not sure, just try it out!

Input Definition (43Things understands)
tomorrow Tomorrow
next month 1st day of the next month
Jan 27 Jan 27 (27 Jan also works)
mid January January 15th
end of April Last day of April
In 3 weeks  In 3 weeks from now
In two months In two months from now

Recurring dates

You can enter recurring dates for your goals. The recurring date will be displayed as your goal’s due date.

Input Definition (43Things understands)
Every day Every day
Every week Every week
Every month Every month
Every 2 weeks Every 2 weeks
Every weekend Every weekend

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