Time Capsule

Time capsule is available to all users who want to record some of their thoughts and seal it in the capsule to open in the future. Time capsule has several simple predefined questions, such as : "What is the weather outside right now?" or "What are you wearing right now?" and an unlimited free text to address your future self. You seal your capsule for a time period of 1 to 5 years. 

Important: Everything you write in you time capsule is encrypted and no one can read it. When the time comes, the content of your capsule will be sent to your email address, it will not be seen by anyone besides you. 

After you create a time capsule, it will be shown on your profile page:

save image

You can choose to hide it from your profile page, to do that go to “Account Settings” under your avatar on the header and click on “Privacy” on the left side menu:

save image

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